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Pearl Essence Round Pendant

Pearl Essence Round Pendant

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This deep Red Pearl emits an array of colors on the pearl itself. The round wire wrap surrounding the pearl pendant is a fragile addition that has the possibility of bending , although on that note just slightly bend it back. The chain will be free to move on the pendant, it is not attached at that specific location. 

Any small imperfections are looked upon as defining characteristics in a pearl given that it is a real freshwater pearl. (not made of glass) This allows a piece to be unique. The chain will not necessarily reflect the chain shown in the image. Any additional orders of these wrapped red pearls will be similar in size and design, but they will vary slightly in the wrap of the wire. 

Height: 1.3 in.
Width: 1.3 in.
Deep Red Pearl: 20mm
Sterling Silver: .925 Wire