Where the impressionist painter brings a unique selection of optimism and imparts a sense of originality in her creations.


Living in Idaho, it's the surrounding nature and stories that inspire. You'll find those stories carved into the details of her work.  Megan is an impressionist painter who finds delight in bringing the brightness to life for others through her paintings!

Megan loves to paint in an impressionistic style.  A style originated to leave out detail. "There is something intriguing when the mind is allowed to create a portion of the scene!"  Even though impressionistic art has a tendency to look as though the execution is quick, it is quite the opposite.  Each brushstroke is well thought and planned, and every aspect of the painting has a methodical application. Brushes play an integral part of an impressionistic painting.  She often says, "Hold on to the good ones and enjoy the outcome!"